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My Journey from College Athlete to Software Engineer

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Colin McAtee
·Sep 6, 2021·

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As a former college soccer player, I love competition and the sense of achievement. Since graduating college and moving on from life as an athlete, I was searching for a new challenge. This first led me to learn how to code. I learned that I loved to create things and learning web development was a great way to channel my creative itch. This quickly led me to become a full-time Software Engineer and now part-time founder.

My journey so far

  • Summer 2011: I arrive in Ann Arbor, Michigan for my freshman season
  • Winter 2015: I graduate with a degree in Economics and Spanish
  • Summer 2016: Move to Chicago to start my first full-time job as a consultant. I also start learning to code on FreeCodeCamp.
  • April 2017: I enrolled at the Northwestern Coding Bootcamp in Chicago
  • August 2017: I got my first software engineer role at a small SaaS company in Chicago
  • June 2018: I make my first commit on my first SaaS product, SoccerCruit
  • September 2018: I start as a Software Engineer at ActiveCampaign (current employer)
  • October 2018: Start MS in Computer Science at DePaul
  • December 2018: I launch SoccerCruit
  • January 2019: I get my first B2B customer for SoccerCruit
  • October 2019: I rebrand SoccerCruit to ProductiveRecruit
  • November 2019: I become a Software Engineer II at ActiveCampaign
  • January 2020: I start sharing my progress building ProductiveRecruit's MVP in public on Twitter
  • June 2020: I launch ProductiveRecruit V1 and make $625 on launch day
  • May 2021: I become a Software Engineer III at ActiveCampaign
  • June 2021: Graduate from DePaul and earn MS in Computer Science
  • July 2021: I hit $1K MRR
  • September 2021: Start planning and building ProductiveRecruit V2
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